how to download facebook videos to computer

Everbody is on facebook now and most of you surely getting problem with downloading videos from facebook and then a question arises that How to download videos from facebook. So Today we are going to tell you a trick to download the facebook videos without using any downloader. This trick doesn’t need Internet download manager or Download Accelerator Plus, actually these downloader are not working with facebook video player.
Easiest way to download the videos from the facebook:-
1. open video in facebook account: sign into your facebook account and open any of the video which you want to download.
2. change the “www” to “m” in url as showed in addressbar: look at the top of the browser where you can see the addressbar. All you need to change the url from “www” to “m”.  Rest of the URL should be same. There is no need to change this.
3. open this new address and you will see the mobile version of facebook: Now when you press enter or press on GO button, the facebook website then changed to its mobile version. This version is pretty fast the desktop version because it is designed for smartphones.
4. right click on video then click on save video as: As your video will open in mobile version. So all you need to download the video is to just press right click for show option. There you may see the option of save video as. All you need to do is just click on this option.
5. save the video: After this you just save the video. set the location of download, rename it and thats all. After this your browser’s inbuilt downloader will start to download the video. So by this you can download the video in great quality without any help of external downloader.
that’s all about how to download video from facebook.

or try this but it did not work if you have chrome after you add it on click on the video and this arrow will turn blue then you can download

or You will need to install Mozilla Firefox for this, and yes it's available on both Mac and Windows. Once you have Firefox, install the addon called Flash Video Downloader and you can download videos from Facebook as well as YouTube with ease by using the download button it adds to the right of the url bar.

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