Quotes by Shiva Kumar, a newspaper seller

Shiva Kumar, a newspaper seller

"Every morning people would come home asking my father to return the money he had borrowed. My father had a truck. But there were more liabilities than what he could earn with it. When I was in Class 3 or 4, I sold flowers that my mother strung into garlands by the roadside. It was only later that I found the job of newspaper boy. I was studying in an ICSE school. In Class 9, I was asked not to come to school till I paid the fees. The next day, I approached the first customer I was delivering the paper to, Krishna Veda Vyasa, and requested him to fund me. He hesitated, and said he didn't even know me. I asked him to do a background check, and he found I was the topper there. I requested him to pay one term's fee, but he paid for the entire year. He continued funding me ever since. I owe it all to him. " - Shiva Kumar, a newspaper seller who has now cleared one of world's toughest exams and got selected by Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta.

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