All About Apples: Types & Tastes

From tart, bright green Granny Smiths to stunning golden Galas mottled with red, all apples belong to an extensive family tree worth exploring. Use our guide to choose your favorites for fall, then stock up at your local farmers’ market—or better yet—pick them yourself at a nearby orchard.
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  1. Red Delicious: It’s bright ruby red in color and in full harvest come September. Choose this crispy, juicy, mildly sweet variety for lots of different snacks and salads. Try roughly chopping it to add crunch to chicken salad.
  2. Fuji: Imported from Japan, the Fuji features a yellowish-green skin striped in bright red. Its flesh is dense, tart and sweet, making it a yummy, exotic choice for homemade applesauce.
  3. Golden Delicious: Hailing from West Virginia, this fall favorite features a pale yellow-green skin and crisp, sweet flavor. We love using this variety for our darling Apple Pie in a Jar.
  4. Pink Lady: Also widely known as Cripps Pink, this Australian import sports a decidedly pink skin, ranging from light blush to a deep, almost-red hue. It’s both sweet and tart, making it a fresh, go-to ingredient for sauces, chutneys and compotes.
  5. Granny Smith: Large, juicy and tart, the Granny Smith is delicious, but especially beloved for its bright green color. Smear peanut butter on a few slices for a quick snack, or pile the apples into a bowl for a simple centerpiece.
  6. Braeburn: Medium-large in size and bright fall red in color, the Brae Burn is firm and especially sweet, therefore great for baking. Try slicing this variety very thin to make cinnamon-sugar apple chips.
  7. Gala: This elegant apple wears a thin, red-striped skin and has a crisp, semi-sweet, aromatic taste. Try eating one whole, or pair thin slices of it with gourmet cheeses.
  8. McIntosh: It’s a standby for apple lovers, featuring a red-on-green skin and crispy, juicy, aromatic flavor. This is one best enjoyed fresh, whether it’s whole or sliced on top of a salad.
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