Best Free Android Apps 2013

Best Free Android Apps

Android apps (short for applications) are mobile software designed for running on the Android operating system, which is one of the most popular platforms used in cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
Since Android was introduced, more than 800,000 Android apps have been developed and most of them are available for download from Google Play—the online store hosted by Google—but not all are free. To help you get the best of the free ones, we have selected some gems in each category and added them here in a convenient list with clear and brief descriptions of each application item.
Like the apps and want to give them a try? Search them by tapping the default Play Store app, or use one of the following ways to install the apps on your mobile device, quick and easy.
Quick Access to Android apps on Google Play:
  • Hover over or tap the app icons and scan the QR Code images on the list with your device’s barcode scanner; Or
  • Click or tap the program titles on this Android app list in your PC's or Android's browser, then install the apps from Google Play.

List of  Top Best Free Android Apps 2013

1. Carbon for Twitter
Carbon puts all your Twitter content on one front page.

2. BaconReader
BaconReader touts a slideshow mode, multiple themes and a more attractive UI than Reddit itself (but that's not saying much).

3. Gmail
Gmail is a no-brainer for email service on your phone. Manage multiple accounts and label conversations from within the mobile app.

4. Maps
iOS users know the Apple Maps app is still sitting in a folder somewhere, taking up space. Android users don't have that drama.

5. Flipboard
Flipboard collects the news from your social timelines into a clean, intuitive magazine experience customized to your interests. A new bookmarklet lets you add new content from your browser.

6. Chrome
We can't overstate the awesomeness of syncing tabs between desktop and mobile, with Chrome.

7. Drive
If you ever need to take down some notes on the go, Drive ensures they'll be waiting for you in the cloud later.

8. Dropbox
Automatically sync your photos, documents and videos across all devices -- including your phone -- when you save an item to your Dropbox account.

9. ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer functions as several apps in one: a file manager, application manager, task killer and a cloud storage service (it syncs with Drive, Dropbox and more).

10. Pocket
Instead of wasting work time reading articles, save them for later with Pocket.

11. Evernote
You can use Evernote to do anything: Plan your day, make wishlists, save recipes, write notes for later and more. People are still finding creative uses for it. You should take it everywhere.

12. Goodreads
Join a community of more than 8 million readers and draw from an enormous catalogue of suggested books.

13. Instagram
There are a plethora of camera apps with fun filters on Android, but where are you going to follow Snoop Lion?

14. Meme Generator
Choose from more than 500 meme pic options, including Bad Luck Brian, "Brace Yourselves" Ned Stark, Good Guy Greg, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Bear Grylls, Conspiracy Keanu and Condescending Wonka. Y U NO MAKE MOAR MEMES??!?

15. Nova Launcher
You can find plenty of cool home screen replacement apps on the Google Play store, but we really just included Nova Launcher to make sure Facebook Home didn't get a place on this list.

16. Pandora
Pandora still provides a better Internet radio experience than Spotify, so if you don't want to pay for premium content, this is your best bet.

17. Pinterest
A clean, beautiful interface and quick pinning from your phone's camera characterize the Pinterest app.

18. Skype
Let your friends and family see your pretty face. Make free voice and video calls to anyone, on any platform that supports Skype.

19. Candy Crush Saga
Because until there's a way to get crack directly through your phone, this is the most addictive app ever.

20. Pixel Dungeon
Go on a dungeon crawl with this charming (and challenging) little rogue-like game.

Other Free Android Apps

1. Temple Run 2
Did you know Temple Run 2 updates with new obstacles? That means it's easier than ever to get frustrated in your free time.

2. Fancy
Find great gifts and just all-around cool stuff with Fancy.

3. Zappos
A smooth, clean, fast and intuitive UI make Zappos the place you should turn for shopping on your Android device.

4. Series Guide Show Manager
Keep track of your progress through your favorite TV series. If you're rewatching Buffy for the third time but can't remember where you left off, get Series Guide now.

5. Snapseed
If Instagram isn't enough for you, Snapseed is more advanced photo editing software for your phone or tablet.

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